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Personal Training

Congratulations! You have set yourself the goal of integrating sports and motion into your daily routine. You want to live a healthier life and to be more balanced and more stress-resistant.


Maybe you are a member of a fitness studio, maybe you visit courses regularly or pursue your personal aims with a training plan.


Now the question comes up: Why should I receive help from a personal trainer if I can already get training plans for free, visit the offered courses and watch online-videos with various exercise options?

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All training is not the same!

A nation-wide study in Germany documented that only 7% of the fitness studio visitors actually reach their goals. The reasons are: missing training knowledge, standard exercises on the equipment and inadequate technique. The most effective training plan is not worth anything if it is not performed correctly.

Despite regular training-sessions their expectations could not be met during the first months and they terminated their fitness program disillusioned. Additionally, daily stress, being pressed for time and everyday obligations reduced the necessary motivation to work towards their goals. 

Just give it a try and make an appointment for a trial-session training. 


I can help you to reach your goals! Those who train successfully will continue!


Cindy Warth​

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