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Personal Trainer A-license

The Personal Training Academy (PTA) was founded in 2007 in Australia by Paul Taylor. They are worldwide pioneers in training the body in a holistic way in their respective areas of expertise and they impart their knowledge according to the latest findings in the field of “functional training”.


The personal trainer education is EREPS* certified and EQF level standardized. 

* What EREPS (The European Register of Exercise Professionals) means: EREPS is the European register of professional fitness trainers. All personal trainers are registered there with their qualifications which guarantees a high standard.

Abnehmen Gewichtsreduktion
Abnehmen Gewichtsreduktion


TRX is a highly effective whole-body training based on a belt system which uses your own body weight as a training resistance. No matter what position you are in, whether you are standing up, on your knees or lying down – every part of your body can be trained with 300 exercise variations.


I have already worked as a group-fitness-instructor in different fitness studios in Berlin for several years and I teach various courses.

Abnehmen Gewichtsreduktion

Back and spinal column

Physical inactivity, incorrect posture or unilateral movements may lead to limited mobility and back pain. Specific mobilization, strengthening and stretching exercises will once again improve the function of the spinal column.


deepWORK® is an action-packed alternative to get more flexible. deepWORK® is subject to the law of Yin and Yang and combines the mental and physical opposites of functional training. The whole human musculoskeletal system only works as a uniform system consisting of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and most important emotion and own motivation of the human being. During the functional training it is important to transform all these elements and aspects into motion sequences and exercises.


With this, aspects and exercises from football training and general athletic fitness have been brought together. It is a whole-body training including teamwork, competition and fellowship. The exercises will sometimes be carried out in teams or alone with/against a partner. The exercises are dynamic, varied, athletic and intensive.


In this special program of modified exercises from yoga and pilates all muscles will be strengthened effectively and your mind simultaneously relaxed. The exercises can be done by everybody without any health risk. All exercises are based on the preceding ones and classified in different grades of difficulty.

Frau im Plank
Frau im Plank



TaeBo is a fitness sport which combines elements from martial arts like karate, taekwondo or kickboxing with aerobics and is mostly practiced in workouts to fast music. 


Aqua-Fitness is a wide-ranging whole-body training which has the major advantage of being jointfriendly and spine supporting. All important fitness components will be trained, such as flexibility, coordination, endurance and power; this contributes to a reduction of body fat.

Frau im Plank
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